They Blinded Me With Science



Some tips for digital marketing agencies to improve business development, including creating compelling content, optimizing for SEO, expanding their client base, identifying client pain points, leveraging social media, and building high-converting websites. How many prospects will this stuff actually intercept, though? They’ll query their memory and network first; wouldn’t it be better to intercept their query there rather than doing battle with competitors in the colosseum of the Internet?

By hosting live events like conferences, marketing agencies can build awareness, establish thought leadership, and generate new business leads over time. What prospects would attend a (online or IRL) event but would never read anything you write?

The typical 5-stage lifecycle of online expert communities, from initial growth to eventual stagnation, as core experts become frustrated with an influx of newcomers and resort to gatekeeping. If you see communities as the next evolution of content marketing, take note!

You Don't Need To (globally) Double Anything

Online retailers' use of time-limited promotions tends to activate consumer skepticism and be less effective than promotions without time limits, unlike in offline settings, but providing an external justification for the time limit can help. Does this finding really apply across different product and service categories?

AI Is Augmented (human) Intelligence

While AI models like GPT are impressively intelligent, their economic value is limited by the supply paradox: the easier it is to train them to do something, the less valuable that capability becomes.

Specialization Is A Competitive Advantage

Various digital marketing niches that agencies could consider specializing in for 2024, with ecommerce, healthcare, and sustainability among the top recommendations due to strong industry growth forecasts. The paradox here, though, is that specialization is partly a differentiation strategy, and following the herd is anti-differentiating.

Like money invested over time, knowledge compounds exponentially when continuously learned, so starting late or learning slowly can be overcome by persisting. Specialization allows you to stack experience more effectively; this article points out the growth isn’t linear!

Hospitals can increase patient demand by expanding specialized service offerings in certain departments while also diversifying into related service areas, though the exact strategy differs across departments. Does this perspective fully account for the risk of overspecialization and the benefits of more holistic care models? Food for thought… (we know you don’t run a hospital; the larger issue of specialization is relevant)

They Blinded Me With Science

Contra using null hypothesis significance testing as the default approach for statistical analysis and reporting, proposing instead to focus on quantifying results via point and interval estimates from multiple studies. A refreshingly thoughtful take.


The history and variety of apple paring machines, reflecting on the satisfaction of solving problems through an array of bespoke tools rather than a single solution.

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