Cool And Fraudulent Neuroscience

Specialization Is A Competitive Advantage

Diversifying your business’ income: good. Actually building something as successful as the PESO model: easier written about than done. Still worth trying tho!

BizDev, Baby

This is a nice list, but ignore everything they say about these channels and instead ask yourself: “how would intercepting my prospects in this channel help them understand what I do, respect my expertise, trust my professionalism, and remember me when they need my services or are asked for a referral?” THAT’s how you evaluate a marketing channel. See also

Including this piece partially to troll y’all, and partially because it raises a basic question: “How many of your buyers are GenZ, and by the time GenZ becomes buyers for your services, a) will you be retired yet and b) how much will their “GenZ specialness” have become standard business services buyer behavior that is not one iota different than what we see today? See also:

They Blinded Me With Science

Neuroscience since the turn of the millennium has been characterized by 'cool' rather than fundamental discoveries, with a focus on refining methodologies and producing results that often lack reproducibility and fundamental understanding of brain function. We’ve been worried about firms that tied their brand to “behavioral economics” ever since “Arielygate”. Y’all doing OK? Pivoted yet?

Disney's history with copyright and public domain is explored, highlighting the tension between profiting from creative works and fostering innovation through building upon others' creations. This underscores the delicate balance between protecting intellectual property rights and encouraging collective creativity.

AI Is Augmented (human) Intelligence

Surveyed AI researchers predict that AI could surpass human ability in all tasks by 2047, with significant current impacts on work performance, truth perception, and learning enhancement. Does this rapid advancement truly account for the nuanced human intelligence it seeks to augment?

Key trends in retail media and ad-supported TV are expected to stabilize, while AI experimentation is predicted to increase. Do they underestimate the transformative potential of AI, as it seems to be positioned merely as an experiment.

Optimization Eats Transformation For Breakfast

Horizontal brand building aligns with the multifaceted way consumers now engage with brands. Does approach truly captures the complexity of consumer-brand interactions?

Companies are pivoting to become health brands, promoting accessibility and inspiration in today's health-centric world. We wonder: is this “transformation” is as profound as it seems or merely a superficial branding exercise?

An entrepreneur reflects on their reluctance to adopt new trends like smartphones and social media, focusing instead on timeless principles. Understanding the enduring fundamentals can be as valuable as chasing the latest fads.

Email marketing strategies for 2024 emphasize deliverability, subscriber engagement, and the use of tools to maintain a healthy email list.

It's A Beautiful World

Exploring the merits and drawbacks of wax cloth as a natural, ruggedized fabric alternative, the article delves into its appeal to those seeking non-synthetic materials despite potential environmental costs of maintenance.

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